Friday, May 20, 2011

Wed May 25: Mobile Media Design - Is the Medium Still the Message?

This session is livecast

'Marisa Gallagher, VP, Executive Creative Director, CNN Digital; Prof Michael Shanks, D.School, Stanford University;

"The Medium is the Message" said Marshall McLuhan. There is no doubt this is true for newspapers, radio and television. Newspapers have their types of storytelling, television their. It's the limitations of these media that set their characters. These media technologies have forced their restrictions on the the storytelling, which has adapted to the means.

But the Internet is flexible, dynamic, it has almost no restrictions. It is a phone, a newspaper, a TV, a radio, a combination of all of them, and new unimaginable things beyond. Creating a new medium on the Internet is fast, and cheap.

On top of this comes the mobile revolution, making media even more flexible. Mobile media can adapt to people's movements, it can adapt to geographical location,and  to what is happening in the near vicinity, at each moment.

CNN is now turning classical media design on its head. Instead of adapting the storytelling to the medium, new media are being designed to host the storytelling in demand. Is the world of media moving beyond McLuhan? Perhaps "the Message is the Message"?

One thing is certain: the storytelling is now driving the development of the medium, not only the other way around. And innovation is becoming the story of the day. It's a nested world.

Which innovation and design principles can make the best out of all this flexibility? And what does 'best' mean?

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