Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mon May 23: Earned, Owned and Bought Media

Introduction: Lou Hoffman, President and CEO, The Hoffman Agency; Panel: Fredrik Winterlind, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Black & Veatch Corporation; Sarah Granger, Writer, New Media Innovator; Tom Foremski, Founder, Silicon Valley Watcher.

By Lou Hoffman:

The lines between media types have never been black and white. For exhibit A, look no further than the humble advertorial which blends advertising and journalism. But today’s media world has literally been turned upside down.

You have journalists acting as communicators, promoting their stories through Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

You have communicators acting as journalists, churning out newspaper-like copy.

You have companies supplementing – some might argue bypassing – third-party media in creating their own media properties that reflect many of the same tenants of their objective brethren.

To sort through the chaos, I’m excited to be moderating the panel “Earned, Owned and Bought Media” with three distinctively different views represented.

Fredrik Winterlind, VP of global marketing at Black & Veatch (disclosure: B&V is a client), brings the corporate perspective to the table.

Sarah Granger has seen it all, starting a BBS at 14 and working in arenas ranging from advocacy to politics to start-ventures.

And Tom Foremski, the former Financial Times reporter who has cultivated Silicon Valley Watcher into a must read for the digerati – has been espousing “every company is a media company” for some time.

It should be a lively discussion.

Lou Hoffman is CEO of the Hoffman Agency, a communications consultancy that specializes in markets of complexity. He blogs on storytelling through a business prism at Ishmael’s Corner.

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