Monday, May 2, 2011

Panel: HTML5 vs native apps

Host: Mikko Torikka, InJo Fellow, Twitter: @migueltoros; Panel: Jason Snell, VP, Editorial Director, Macworld, Twitter: @jsnell; Ari Tulla, Head of App Studio at Nokia, Twitter: @umbar; MIchael Mullany, CEO at Sencha, Twitter: @mmullany

Developers have created hundreds of thousands of native applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android and others. The trend is strong. But HTML5 standards are developing rapidly and user experience is nearing that of native apps. In addition, web apps should, desirably, work well on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, PC and Mac.

Is it more valuable to attract new readers via open apps and sell ads that monetize the process, or is a more focused group, with native apps, a better way to grab audiences?

What is the best model for journalism? What is the best way to implement new features that mobile technology enables? And where will the money come from that is essential to driving any new model?

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