Friday, May 20, 2011

Mon May 23: Lasagna Journalism or How to Augment the Tablet News Experience

Adriano Farano, Knight Fellow 2011, Stanford

On a Knight fellowship at Stanford, I'm currently working on ways to augment the news experience especially on tablet devices both with my research and my startup, OWNI.

The Knight fellowship is a mid-career program for journalists and publishers that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship to reinvigorate an industry that has still a tremendous potential for experimentation.
In my research I found that the best way to optimize the user experience in consuming and interacting with news is with I call "lasagna journalism" or "multi-layer reporting". Lasagna journalism is a new way to report stories or visualize data with layers of augmented reality, grahic animations, news games, digital comics and more.

I'm currently about to start a new venture here in Silicon Valley, called OWNI, that will offer app-stories to iPad users on different subjects relevant to them. Those apps will foster an ecosystem of media creatives (designers, developers, journalists) that will mutually benefit from our content platform and creation tools.

You can follow on Twitter @farano @OWNIus

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