Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mon May 23: How New IT and New Styles of Work Will Reshape Journalism And Communications

Geoffrey Moore, Venture Partner, Mohr Dawidov Ventures. Moderated by Jan Hedquist.

IJ-8 Communication Track Keynote Speaker Geoffrey Moore will talk about what happens with organizations, now that consumer communication applications like Skype, Facebook and Twitter are outcompeting corporate solutions.

People working in organizations, ranging from engineers in corporate environments to journalists in newsrooms, are using consumer applications like Facebook whenever they can, often instead of corporate software, which they find restrictive. What does this change in communication mode mean for the future of corporations, for the future of communicators and journalists? According to Geoff, there will be consequences. Organizations will change in character. Things will turn on their head. 

Geoffrey Moore
Geoffrey Moore is one of the leading visionaries since the start of the IT revolution. explaining how disruptive innovations happen, and how they change companies and cultures, and how to adapt market development and business and investment strategies to them. A Venture Partner at Mohr Davidow, he serves as an advisor to many of the firm’s portfolio companies and draws upon best practices derived from his extensive work. He limits his startup consulting work today to Mohr Davidow funded companies.

 In 1991 he published the book "Crossing the Chasm". The publishers thought Geoff's book would sell 500 copies. It sold 700.000 until now! He has since then written a number of bestsellers, such as "Inside the Tornado", The Gorilla Game and "Dealing with Darwin".  

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