Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Great Transformation - What is your Perspective on the Future?

The InJo 8 conference is a vital trading post for those of us out here on the digital frontier.

The workshop on The Great Transformation offers an opportunity to trade those insights and combine them with others' perspectives to create murals of the future.

On Tuesday 24 at 3:40 pm World Economic Forum Fellow Derek O'Halloran will be speaking about the Great Transformation underway triggered by technology, driving societal change and transforming journalism.

We're going to take Derek's talk as a catalyst to trigger small group discussion taking 4 different perspectives on the Transformation -

How will things look in 2020 in each of these areas?

The Society of Civic Citizens and Economic Actors
knowledge Ecology

Brainstorm for Insight

Using sticky notes each table will complete a poster of the future, from one of these 4 perspectives


After completing the poster, everyone can take a look at the other posters and put your comments and insights using sticky notes.

The Panelists will be looking at what you come up with, and touch on the insights they gained from your posters, in the ensuing discussion.

Let your voice be heard in the choir of insights on the future of journalism, society and technology in the knowledge ecology.

I hope you join us in discovering insights and tips from those early pioneers with lots to share for those of us with lots to learn

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