Monday, May 2, 2011

Panel: Journalism’s View on Mobile Publishing

Host: Siri Markula, InJo Fellow; Panel: Theodore L. Glasser, Professor of Communication, Stanford University, Susan Currie Sivek, writer PBS Media Shift, Ass.Prof. California State University, Fresno; Jackson Solway, co-founder Once Magazine; Amy Gahran, CNN mobile technology writer, senior editor / mobile team leader at Oakland Local.

Mobile publishing is a challenge for both journalists and newsrooms. New ways of creating and distributing stories locally have emerged -- many aided by social media -- but do journalists have the skills and tools necessary to harness these novel methods? Are newsrooms equipped and organized to take advantage of new tools?

This panel will discuss the questions that new technologies and practices raise. Can mobile publishing support quality journalism? Is there a need for the professional journalist in the mobile publishing era? Who sets the news agenda in the future? How do journalists engage the audience in the news process using mobile tools?

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