Friday, May 13, 2011

Wed 5/25: Government Regulation and Consumer Privacy

Host: Simona Drevensek, InJo Fellow; Panel: Ram Mehta, Facebook; Declan McCullagh, Chief Political Correspondent, CNET

The business of spying on internet users is one of the fastest growing fields today, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Companies create rich, unique profiles of users based on internet search behavior—and tracking technology is only getting smarter and more intrusive by the day.

The core of the problem is the lack of internet laws in the United States that would protect consumer online privacy. The recent crackdown on Facebook and Google was led by Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries with stronger privacy laws than the United States.

With no common law in the United States to protect consumer privacy online, where does that leave the consumer? Should media organizations step in to create their own rules? Where does the government fit in? Is the slow regulatory pace enabling big corporations to set regulations that suit them best? Join this panel discussion for thoughts on these issues and many more!

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